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Window Cleaning

Cleaner windows are great...but cleaner windows that

STAY CLEAN LONGER are even better!


I know, I know. You're wondering: Can The Shine Guys REALLY help your windows stay clean longer? YES, we can! Our customers may call it magic, but it's really just science - specifically the science of pure water.

Let's get a little nerdy here: Pure water does not occur in nature because water is "happy" when it contains dissolved particles like the minerals in our tap water. When those particles are removed, pure water becomes an aggressive organic solvent that actually attracts and bonds with dirt. A special brush is used to agitate and free the dirt from the window glass and frame before the water carries it away. The pure water completely evaporates without spotting or streaking. This soap-free, squeegee-free finish prevents residue and reintroduction of teeny tiny contaminants that would normally be left on the surface, ready to begin attracting new dirt. Without these remnants, your windows will stay shiny and clean much longer than those cleaned by traditional methods.

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The best technology in window cleaning is here!

If your windows are being cleaned with anything other than a pure water-fed

pole system, you are missing out on a truly superior clean. Period.

Cleaner windows and frames

Glass free of spots and streaks

Longer-lasting results

Eco-friendly - no chemicals or detergents needed

Safer - we can reach 3+ stories without climbing on a ladder or roof

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Available services:

Exterior window cleaning

Interior window cleaning

Screen cleaning

Track detailing

Post-construction cleaning

Glass restoration and hard water removal

Solar panel cleaning

Rush/Emergency service

and more!

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