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Frequently Asked Questions

What does gutter cleaning include?
Gutter cleaning service includes removal of debris from gutters and roof valleys to ensure proper flow both to and through the gutters. We will also flush down spouts to confirm there is no blockage. If blockage is located, we will remove it.
What is window restoration?
Window restoration includes glass services that are outside the scope of general cleaning to help your windows look like new. One of the most common restoration services in the Treasure Valley is hard water removal - often caused by sprinklers or drainage issues.
Won't my windows look dirty if it rains?
This is actually a myth. Rain doesn't make windows look dirty - DIRT makes windows look dirty. The dingy water spots that show up after a rainstorm are created when rain water hits a window that already has a thin layer of dirt on it. With traditional soap and squeegee window cleaning methods, a small amount of residue remains on the windows and is not detectable to the naked eye. However, the residue is a magnet for dirt and that thin layer collects quickly and then becomes very noticeable when mixed with rain. We combat this in 2 ways. First, we remove more dirt by cleaning both the glass and frame (traditional methods are glass only). Second, we use pure, deionized water which leaves no residue. No residue = no dirt magnets = windows stay clean longer = rain is not the enemy.
Do I need to reschedule my window cleaning if it is raining?
Typically, no. If we are using pure, deionized water in our water-fed pole system, rain is generally not a problem. Some restoration services may require postponement - we'll certainly let you know if the issue arises.

Why are the outsides of my windows still wet after my service?
Short answer: because we care about giving you the best results possible! Pure, deionized water completely evaporates and dries without leaving residue, spots, or streaking. Drying with a squeegee or towel reintroduces contaminants that cause your windows to attract new dirt more quickly.

Do I really need to have my solar panels cleaned?
Absolutely! Research and data on solar panel power output is drastically reduced when the panels are dirty. Regular cleaning is vital to an efficient system.

Are you insured?
Of course! We have general liability coverage and workers compensation. Don't be shy about asking for proof of coverage - we won't mind!
What forms of payment can I use? When is payment due?
Payment options include cash, check, online eCheck. We also accept card payments with a 3% convenience fee. Please be prepared to pay a deposit to schedule with full balance due upon completion of the service.
Why should I use The Shine Guys instead of a competitor?
Oh my, so many reasons! With The Shine Guys, you can rest easy knowing you've hired top professionals who are here to make your life easier - and prettier - with many home services to meet your needs. We are seasoned business owners who make customer service our top priority. We aim to please and our work is 100% guaranteed! So if you're just looking for the cheapest option, we may not be the best fit. But if you care about getting a great value with amazing results and top notch service, we've got you covered! Give us a shot, you won't be disappointed! 

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